Welcome to the World of RA's "Natural Frequency Music"®

We're excited to share this with you and we hope this breakthrough discovery allows you to experience music in powerful new ways. Go well beyond listening to music and start actually feeling it, absorbing all music it has to offer. RA Music immerses you in a total body experience, giving music more power.You will also find that your music is much easier to listen to because it matches the vibrations that naturally occur in your mind and body.

Since 1925, all music that is been composed and recorded has followed a "Man Made" standard in tuning that was agreed upon by the music industry. This standardization was accepted in order to have everyone who makes music be in tune with each other. What RA Music has discovered is that the standard created by the industry is not in tune with Mother Nature, that there is a different standard that occurs in nature, the "RA Nature Standards". Dolphins, whales and birds all sing on "Ra Natural Frequency Music", showing that nature is in tune with itself. The amazing powers of RA Music will put your music into the standards of nature and create a new level of listening; giving you the total mind and body experience of music in harmony with nature.

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Man Made Standards:

The music that you hear today is built around a "Man Made" standard. The choice of this was made long ago so that all musical instruments could play together. Music recorded using modern instruments make all the songs that you hear come as this "Man Made Standard".

Natural RA Standards:

RA music is built around "Nature's Standards" that has been found in the sound of dolphins, whales, birds, and other living beings. All of Mother Nature is tuned like a Grand Living Orchestra which is in perfect harmony with itself. RA's "Natural Frequency Music" ® is based on the sounds of nature so it creates an encompassing experience - very beneficial to your brain and body.

Prior to the music industry stnadardizing music to the current "Man Made" frequency in 1925, music was actually written and produced in the "RA Nature Standard". Throughout the Renaissance Period music composers such as Sabastian Bach, Mozart, and Handle composed their music in the "RA Nature Standard".

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Convert Your Music to RA:

When you convert your music into RA Music, whatever song you choose is shifted digitally to match "RA Natural Frequency Music"" and becomes in tune with nature. It still sounds like the same song, only the pitch and frequency has changed to become precisely tuned to match that found in nature. The song is now in RA, becoming the RA Music version, which has been changed to be compatible with you, and can be felt throughout the entire body - not just in your ears.